Tickety Toc - Fetching Time with Pufferty!02:39

Tickety Toc - Fetching Time with Pufferty!

Fetching Time is a online game on the Tickety Toc website.

Gameplay Edit

The player has to move green arrows and red x's so Pufferty can pick up Tommy, Tallulah, Mc Coggins and Hopparoo, deliver them to the Clockhouse for Chime Time, and after Chime Time, get back to Pufferty's Station.

Levels Edit

Level 1: Pick Up Tommy and Tallulah

Level 2: Pick Up Tommy, Tallulah and Mc Coggins

Final Level: Pick Up Tommy, Tallulah, Mc Coggins and Hopparoo

Characters in Game Edit




Mc Coggins


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