Tommy and Tellula go to the kitchen in the clock house for " Fruity Pudding Time" only to find that Madam Olue has forgotten that it's Fruity Pudding Time. Instead, she has to clean before she goes to BattersBees store to buy the ingredients. So, Tommy and Tellula decide to clean up for her whilst she gets the ingredients. Madam Olue shows them how to polish the staircase and kichen before she goes. But Tommy and Tellula decide to clean the whole clockhouse as a surprise for Madam Olue (" A super happy Madam Olue means a super delicious fruity pudding") They get all of their friends to help, too.

Meanwhile, Tooteroo sees a feather duster and falls in love with it after it's "hair" flutteres. He tries dances, and music but it doesn't work. Later, Mc Coggins takes it and Tooteroo falls down the clockhouse, flies up,and  gets upset.

Meanwhile, their friends make a mess with the polish, leaving an upset Tommy and Tellula. they explain that they was too much polishing, and not enough cleaning. So, the gang starts rubbing the polish. They say it will take a while and that they won't do it before Mafam Olue gets home and before Chime Time, when all of a sudden, Chickedee slips on a towel and slides over the floor, polished it. so they all do the same until the clockhouse is clean.

When Madam Olue gets home, she is in a very happy mood tofind a clean kitchen, but she slips and spins on the floor, eventually taking Tommy, Tellula, and Lopsy Lou with her. She asks how how squeeses of polish that they used. Tommy and Tellula apoligize.

Soon after, Madam Olue and the gang hit the wall. The gang apoligizes. Madam Olue forgives them and reminds Tommy and Tellula that it's chime time. But they cannot get up the stairs- they are too slippery from the polish. Tommy has an idea. All their friends push them and BattersBee and Hopperoo pull Tommy and Telulla up the stairs.They are now upstairs and perform the chime time sequence.

Tooteroo sees a broom and falls in love again. But McCoggins takes it agains and Tooteroo pulls into a basket.


This is the first time the clock in Tickety Town is not shown

This eposode has the least appearance of Pufferty as majority of the eposode takes place indoors

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