Jelly Sandwhich Time

Jelly Sandwich Time is the 5th Season 1 Tickety Toc episode.


It's Jelly Sandwich Time in Tickety Town! Tommy and Tallulah are looking forward to making and eating jelly sandwiches! But when Tallulah accidentally drops her jelly sandwich, Tommy and Tallulah must figure out how to clean up the mess they made before Madame Au Lait finishes her spring cleaning, and before Chime Time!


The Theme Song starts, after the theme song Tommy and Tallulah say that it is jelly sandwich time, and they are going to make jelly sandwiches, they go to the kitchen and put a lot of jelly, in which Madame Au Lait tells them that a little bit goes a long way (which means that a little bit is better) she also tells them she just finished spring cleaning and they must be careful not to make a mess. Meanwhile Tommy and Tallulah think that the Bedroom is a perfect place to eat their sandwiches, but they are wrong as they start jumping on their beds and Tallulah spills her sandwich and makes a stain on her bed and her dress, so they decide to clean the bed sheet all by themselves to make Madame Au Lait proud, they then ride Pufferty to get to Batersbee's shop faster and get soap then clean the bed sheet, but they have to dry it, so they want to dry it in the sun, but Chikidee says a cloud is blocking the sun, so they ride on Pufferty to make wind, but the bed sheet flies away due to the wind Pufferty made, it then heads towards Lopsiloo's garden, Tommy and Tallulah don't want the bed sheet to get dirty again so they save it from the dirt in Lopsiloo's garden but then they get dirty, so they have to tell Madame Au Lait, but she knows every thing that happened to them, so she cleans them just before Chime Time and the episode ends.

Characters in episode Edit




Madame Au Lait




Tooteroo Hopparoo

Locations in episode Edit


Living Room

The Kitchen

The Bedroom

Batersbee's shop

Pufferty's tracks

Town Center

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown how Madame Au Lait knew everything that happened to Tommy and Tallulah.

Gallery Edit

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