Tickety Toc Toy with the Musical Pufferty Train toy review by DisneyCarToys. Tickety Toc characters Tallulah and Tommy and their owel Tooteroo ride the train, but then more toys want a ride like Disney Frozen figurine princess Elsa, Anna, Sofia The First, Peppa Pig and George Pig. Peppa Pig and Peppa Pig's younger brother George ride on the see saw and Elsa and the other Disney Princess Anna and Sofia the first ride in the caboose that spins. Press the dog train's smoke stack to hear the Tickety Toc theme song. Tickety Toc is a cute children's tv show on Nickelodeon's Nick Jr. You can also place the Tommy and Tallulah figures on the train's seesaw and watch the seesaw move up and down as kids move the train along. If you move the train faster, the characters Tallulah and Tommy also move faster. There is also a spinning seat in the back for Tooteroo the owl. The musical Pufferty train comes in three pieces that can be separated just by pulling them apart. This toy can be purchased at only Toys R Us.

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