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is a well known owl that is seen in parts of Tickety Toc episodes. He always wants things to be perfect but he is usually unlucky with attempts (ex. failing to get an apple, trying to get a feather duster to fall in love with him, but failing to succed, etc.) It is very rare that Tooteroo is mentioned or talked to by any of the characters. Chikidee mentioned his name in Bake A Cake time, and Hopparoo mentioned him in Giggle Time.

Tooteroo is seen usually about three times in one episode:

1. After Tommy and Tallulah realize their problem in the episode

2. After Tommy and Tallulah find a solution to the problem

3. After Chime Time.

When Tooteroo is seen, usually a hooting tune plays, and ends with two last hoot hoots usually at the end of an episode. Most of Tooteroo's events at this time (at the end of an episode) usually involve smashing his face on the television screen.

Gallery Edit

For Tooteroo's gallery, see Tooteroo/Gallery.

Trivia Edit

  • His name is discovered in the episode Bake A Cake Time,  Giggle Time, and Watermelon Time.
  • Thus far, it is proven that Tooteroo is the only charactar that knows about the audience as he is the only charactar that direly looks into the camera.

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